Update PSV PAD 1.2

This program allows you to use your vita as a game-pad for your PC. It requires both your vita to be connected to the same network, does work over ad hoc connections. Tested and works on Windows 7 + Windows 8 may work on other windows operating systems but untested. Instructions are included with the download. Any bugs please report them. 

Note: Requires PlayStation Mobile Developer Licence

Whats in the download

  • Server Application
  • Xpadder Profile + Image (Xpadder Not Included)
  • Playstation Mobile Solution (PSVPAD Application)
  • Instructions + Change-log




  • Updated the Instructions
  • Changes to how data is sent over network
  • Reduced Lag
  • A lot lot lot lot faster
  • Enjoy

Clean And Rebuild The Solution Before Deploying to Vita Hotkey: Ctrl + F8

Note: PSVPAD win8  Tested works on both windows 7 & windows 8

Update 1.2.1 Alpha Release See Page: PSVPAD_1.2.1_Alpha 

Windows 7+ Windows 8 : PSVPAD_1.2_Win8

Problems with net framwork 3.5 : PSVPAD_1.2

Black Screen Fix:
If your having problems with a black screen make sure you clean and rebuild the PSVPAD application before deploying it to your vita Ctrl +F8.

One Pixel fix for 1.5.1 worth a shot if all else fails: PSVPAD-959X543

Windows 8 Error MSB4185 Fix
If you experience this error “Error MSB4185: The function “CurrentUICulture” on type “System.Globalization.CultureInfo” has not been enabled for execution.” 

  • First make sure Playstation suite is closed.
  • Open the console(cmd) as Administrator, Can be found by searching “cmd”
  • Relaunch Playstation Suite




30 thoughts on “Update PSV PAD 1.2”

  1. System software on PS vita version 3.01
    my PSM SDK version 1.21.01 both PC and PS Vita
    Installed the PSV PAD 1.2
    when you run a program on the PS vita black screen and exit

    In the previous version PSV PAD V1.15 beta
    The program started on PS vita when I deleted the file MainScreen.composer.cs
    that’s this line of code:
    Background.Image = new ImageAsset(“/Application/assets/PSVPAD.png”);
    background image is not loaded

    When using PlayStation Mobile Simulator for PC both versions work perfectly without any problems.

    1. I don’t know what actually causes this problem,
      Being unable to replicate the error it’s hard for me to implement a fix,
      Possible causes: Lack of Space???,
      I know people have managed to get it to work in earlier versions by re-sizing the PSVPAD.png image,
      If someone is having this error and manages to fix it by resizing the image, send me a copy of the image to my email: Aj_Moore@unorthodoxgamestudios.co.uk and I’ll put it with the download so no-one has this issue again.

      1. In the previous version PSV PAD V1.15 beta:
        helped resizing the image to exactly one pixel and it worked

        But in the PSV PAD 1.2 no changes, black screen on startup

    2. also getting the same problem as ARMIH, PSVPAD app on vita starts running –> turns into a black screen, then Please wait window pops up and you are back a the PSM dev assitant start up screen. Also on 3.01 firmware and windows 8.1. PSM versions both up to date (downloaded today)

      1. okay, I’m still unable to work out what the problem is, but it might be worth to try cleaning and rebuilding the solution. Or messing around with the PSVPAD.png in the assets folder as this has been known to cause issues in the past.

        1. Sorry in advance for my English because I’m from Russia.
          Not solve the problem as follows:
          In PSM Studio this item recompile all (of the rebuilding the solution ) hot keys Ctrl + F8
          Everything works perfectly.
          Thank you Allan for the program and timely support project.

          1. Better write it:
            solved the problem in the following way
            ( Not solve the problem as follows )

            Overall it works.

  2. Any Bugs:
    Please Leave OS info.. i.e. win 7/ 8/ xp whatever
    Any errors you encounter/ issues your having, detailed as possible please thank-you
    prints screens/ copy error log/ detailed explanation.

  3. Not sure it will help but will try to describe the problems start PSV PAD 1.2

    When running in debug mode when PS Vita is connected to your PC
    In the program PSM Studio at the Bottom where the output of the application there is a line:
    Loaded assembly: Sce.PlayStation.Core.dll
    ———— console switched ————
    and emptiness
    the program PSM Studio immediately freezes and no errors shows

    On the console PS Vita program starts and immediately resets
    A lot of free space

    In the old version PSV PAD in debug mode showed that:

    Loaded assembly: Sce.PlayStation.Core.dll
    ———— console switched ————

    Loaded assembly: pss0:/top/Application/app.exe
    Loaded assembly: pss0:/top/Application/Sce.PlayStation.HighLevel.GameEngine2D.dll
    Loaded assembly: System.dll
    Loaded assembly: pss0:/top/Application/Sce.PlayStation.HighLevel.UI.dll
    Thread started:
    Thread started:
    Thread started:

    Version of the software I wrote above
    OS Win 8.1

    So, the question is how to know what is the problem ?

  4. MainScreen.Composer.CS displays warnings at line 48, 53 and 64
    PSVPADUI\MainScreen.composer.cs(23,23): Warning CS0618: ‘Sce.PlayStation.HighLevel.UI.UIFont.implicit operator Sce.PlayStation.HighLevel.UI.UIFont(Sce.PlayStation.Core.Imaging.Font)’ ???????: ‘use UIFont class.’ (CS0618) (PSVPAD)

  5. c:\Users\neo\Downloads\PSVPAD_1.2\PSVPADUI\MainScreen.composer.cs(23,23): Warning CS0618: “Sce.PlayStation.HighLevel.UI.UIFont.implicit operator Sce.PlayStation.HighLevel.UI.UIFont(Sce.PlayStation.Core.Imaging.Font)”???:“use UIFont class.” (CS0618) (PSVPAD)
    ???=out of date
    There were 3 warnings when I compile it in MainScreen.composer.cs
    line 48,54,66
    I changed the function(or class?) Font into UIFont and it works.
    IP_Text.Font = new Font( FontAlias.System, 25, FontStyle.Regular);
    into IP_Text.Font = new UIFont( FontAlias.System, 25, FontStyle.Regular);

  6. By the way, can you also release the source code of the server? To try it to make more user-friendly, and maybe even adding support for the back touch panel for more button emulation 🙂

  7. windows 8
    both PSM are running 1.21.02
    PSVita firmware on 3.12

    when i follow the instructions that are given, i get to the point of when im supposed to run it to install the application, but i get an error that says : “Error MSB4185: The function “CurrentUICulture” on type “System.Globalization.CultureInfo” has not been enabled for execution. (MSB4185) (PSVPAD)”

    any way to fix this on my end?

    1. Sorry been a very busy time of year… I shall try to add support relatively soon, I’ll try and get it done over the next week or so, just keep bugging me about it.

      1. Then to bug you more, if possible it’d be nice if PSVPAD remembered the last IP address used (or even a list of last used addresses in case of multiple PCs), not that typing 2 numbers takes that much time.

          1. Any progress on the touch support (the ip address list isn’t really necessary)?

          1. I am currently updating the server application to comply with the updates I’ve made to the PSVPad app, I may make the source code available with the next update. Considering I still have a reasonable amount of work to do for the next update I may release it early whilst I continue to work on it…

    1. Hmm… a more detailed description of your problem might be necessary?, I’m just going to say the default response for now,assuming the app deployed to the vita correctly? There’s a possibility your firewall could be blocking the communication?, try adding the server software to the list of acceptations. I’m sure a tutorial can be found with a quick google search… Fell free to contact me if your issue persists. either here or email me at AJ_moore@unorthodoxgamestudios.co.uk

    2. Just to make sure, remember your playstation vita and PC need to be connected to the same network i.e. both connected to your router, or connected through an adhoc connection whatever.

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