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Just as a quick update because I haven’t updated my blog in a week or so, I’m having some time off from the engine development as its quite heavy on my brain as-well as reevaluating whether this project is suited for the time scale given. Because as I said before although my engine is an on going project which I will continue to work on it is still unconfirmed that I will be using this for my university project. There’s always other things on the table that I can work on that might be not quite as grueling but still potentially great projects. I do actually do a fair bit of programming in my spare time but most of the time I deem it not worth mentioning, little more that a mass of prototypes nothing more.

As far as other ideas are concerned I would still like to stick to the c++ route as I can really show off my technical ability and really give people an idea of what I’m capable off.

As far as other things are concerned as I say I get up to a lot of stuff in my spare time for the most part not worth mentioning, However recently I came up with a simplistic idea for a game which I could make during my time off this summer. Its got a simplistic game play, but could be very fun and have a nice set of fun mechanics yet still being easy to add to and code. So for me its a very manageable small project that I can work on. I don’t really want to express any more information about the game at this point as its barely even a prototype. I will however mention that its going to be using the unity game engine and if it carry’s on to becoming anything short of a game I will make it free to play and put it up on here.

As far as my future is concerned  I have began to make some plans towards creating an actual development portfolio separate to this blog literally just showcasing my work and abilities and nothing more. Just so I can make some division between my ramblings on this blog and the portfolio. Because in many respects a lot of the stuff that goes on this blog is pretty irrelevant to employers and they would probably like to see me from a more professional and technical light that this blog gives off.

Now finally as far as the last week is concerned I literally took some “time off” from the programming to play some games and just chill out for a bit just so I can evaluate what I’m doing a week long procrastination sesh if you wish.  There’s a lot of decisions I need to make at this point and well I just need some time to reflect and make some good decisions.  Some irony is to be had when I say time off from programming as I spent a good part of the week in GMod getting to grips with Expression2 programming and making some interesting things in that, nothing too advanced didn’t want to commit all my time to something like that when I could be working on something better if you know what I mean.

Right for those few individuals that do read my blog thank you . And yes I know I’m not a very good writer I’m working on it OK.


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