Uncharted Golden Abyss

So I literally only a few days ago got myself a PS Vita and one of the first games I got with it was of course Uncharted Golden Abyss. Personally before this game I haven’y played any of the Uncharted selection of games before and I’ve herd good things so that’s literally the reason I bought it, And the fact that at the moment there are very few games that are available for the vita but hopefully that’ll increase as time goes on.

Right from the first moment I started this game I have been impressed, a lot of time effort and hard work has gone into this game. The general game mechanics themselves are very good as-well as having a good story-line that is easy to follow. The graphics are generally quite impressive although not necessarily very refined the lack of AA on this title really stands out in places but nether the less the graphics are pretty much stunning considering its a handheld device. As far as AA goes I really think it was probably a trade off between detailed graphics and well defined graphics, So if AA was implemented I doubt we would have seen graphics as detailed as they are. Although I would very much like smooth graphics I think its a good trade off and the graphical detail is definitely to a very high level comparable potentially with current generation consoles such as the PS3 and 360 although falling short as may be expected considering its only a Handheld device and of course it hasn’t been out long so I highly doubt the developers have truly used the hardware to Its true potential and I’m sure this will increase in time as we see more developers releasing games for the device.



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