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PlayStation Vita

So through what is money I’ve saved and what I have left over from my bursary I found myself with a nice bit of cash in hand. Although I was planning a slight pc upgrade but I thought you know what with a little donation from my parents from my upcoming birthday I should be able to afford to get myself a ps vita now and still be able to buy my upgrades, which is great because I’ve been looking for something to replace my busted psp for a while and hadn’t had the spare cash… So anyway earlier this evening I took the plunge and ordered a ps vita (wifi only) from amazon with of course a 4GB stick which was free and two games–> Rayman Origins and Uncharted Golden Abyss, which by far to me seem to be the best games available for the vita at this point in time… So hopefully they’ll be good. This all came to under £250 which is reasonable in comparison to how it is prices elsewhere, definitely the cheapest place I’ve seen it.

On another note related to the vita I noticed the Playstation Suite SDK is going into open beta soon if not already I haven’t seen anything from Sony to say it has but I’m not entirely sure whats happening with that I haven’t been able to access the pages from the UK, but hopefully there will be more news soon. I did however found this link, which might be worth a gander if your ever thinking of developing some multi-platform apps for some of Sony’s devices in the future. Its good to see Sony opening the doors for the independent market a little bit, however I have a feeling due partially to the cross platform nature of the SDK itself that were not going to be able to use the ps vita to its true potential and were going to be limited to what we can do. But we’ll have to wait and see, it’ll probably still be a good bit of fun to have a mess around with anyway. It also saves having to write large quantity’s of code from scratch when..lets say you take other development routes with things like this, it’ll definitely speed up development on many respects.

Please feel free to comment/ Criticize Speling,.! Punctuation?… I will probably write up a review/ first impression type thing when it gets here.