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Pixel Lighting Demonstration

Blog Update

Hello there

You may have noticed I have literally disappeared off the face of the earth of a while, I finally got round to clearing up the mess that once was my website.

Over the next few blog posts I want to go over the things I’m doing, I don’t have any comment on the playstation vita project I undertook its dead with play-station mobile, It was always just supposed to be a really small fun little project I never really thought it would get as many downloads as it did and people using it… As such I would like to official state the project has been discontinued.


“‘Coffee Life’ – Full title, development demo – Real time pixel lighting”

I’m now focusing primarily on games, and am currently working on a game intended initially for Windows 7/8 and 10 along with android, and very likely Linux and mac will follow this with the completion of the game. I’ll be going over some of the more interesting aspects of the development in future blog posts. For the game I’m actually taking the Coffee Life game jam game and turning it into a full title, The game has already been completely transformed even during the early days of development.

I’ll keep you posted that’s all for this blog post.


Coffee Life

Seem to be getting better at this pixel art nonsense, art/ in game screenshot from my game Coffee Life being developed as part as #ColorJam0. Not sure if I’ll have a complete game by the end of the jam… but its all fun and games after all :D.


Oh and this is the Colour Palette were restricted to for the jam XD… definitely makes the whole thing a bit more fun.


note: ignore aliasing… its supposed to be a 9X8 palette

Edit: The 7 day game jam version of the game can be played over at game jolt…

Play Coffee Life on GameJolt