So I like to experiment…

Its safe to say I produce a lot more prototype than I ever do games but its a learning process. Now I’ve always wanted to try out the survival horror route so a few months ago I took a few evenings out to just play around with some different styles in unity trying to achieve the look I was looking for, I just threw in a character using character hub got it animated threw a bit of code to get a player moving around. Not to go into to much detail but what I really wanted to try and achieve was a more orthographic type look but incorporating dynamic shadows and lighting but at the same time trying to make it workable without making the games workflow too cumbersome. It took a lot of messing around and playing before I finally settled on actually using a perspective projection, I gave the room actual depth using sprites for the characters and adjusting the shaders slightly in order for the character and scenery to be lit as desired. I really liked the idea of having a very diverse background so I tried to tailor each section of the wall individually rather than repeating a texture across the back walls, I would say it would definitely be a must if I created a full title from this concept. I allowed the player to move towards and away from the camera within a fixed environment using a simple box collider for the player and some boundary box’s. On some of the walls I went through and produced normal maps by hand in order to give a bit more depth to the texture, in the case of dynamic lights moving within the scene it really helped to make the panels in the wall stand out and gave emphasis to the edges giving it an almost 3D appearance which I was quite pleased with. Although I’ve somewhat simplified my explanation I can assure you its somewhat of a headache when dealing with pixel art in unity and I assure you there was a lot of figuring out and refining to do along the way. I kinda like to make up some sort of story and do a bit of annotating and thinking as I do these things and past screen shots and demos about friends… I’ll be adding a download link to a demo shortly.

Demo1 (Earlier Version)



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