PSVPAD Another Update

I’m working on an update for the application for all those interested… However is not as much an update as a rewrite so it may take some time, I’ve encountered some bugs and problems along the way… The PSV PAD was actually the first piece of networked code I have ever written so it was actually quite poorly written and not very well optimized, hopefully with the update it will have substantially less lag, all tests so far have shown positive results. I’m actually currently having problems with data getting jumbled together along the way which is resulting in the application freezing and crashing at the moment due to desalinization errors on the server side. The new version of the application groups all the data together on the vitas side serializing it then sending the data over the network together. As soon as I’ve fixed the bugs and got it running smoothly I’ll post it up here…


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  1. Its working very smoothly, should reduce any lag you may be having substantially, I’ll be posting it very early morning tomorrow hopefully… It’s just the basic controls but I’m planning to add support for touch just as button inputs and possibly motion for the two extra spare axis-es. Nothing has changed with the UI but the actually implementation has changed a lot.

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