Ps Vita – Pc Joypad

So I’m just going to have a small intermission from the engine, I’m well on track and have made good progress.

Over the next couple of days I’m going to try to whack together a bit of software that’ll allow me to use my PS Vita as a game pad for my PC. I already have a game pad so I’m really just doing it for bant. I’ve done a good deal of research and pretty much know exactly how I’m going to do this so hopefully it’ll work out okay… I’ll probably post it up here with some instructions when I’m done so others will be able to use it… if I manage it. Just to let you know yes I will be using the PS SDK or whatever there calling it these days…. Playstation Mobile SDK I think?


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  1. Its working for the most part… having some issues with threads on the server mainly due to my lack of experience and unwillingness to over complicate things. But it is actually working just got to add support for all the buttons and it’ll be done. Probably put it up tomorrow evening ish. Just need to install a driver run the server software I wrote and Install the application onto the vita using the Playstation Mobile SDK and that’s it.

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