Project Update – Game Engine

So I though I’d just post a little update on the progress I’ve made since my last post. To start I did spend a good while trying to make some decisions on the architecture of the engine it really took longer than I was originally planning but I got there in the end. So I lost some time to that, also I’ve spent a bit of time researching and doing other things not even necessarily related to the engine so maybe I haven’t spent as much time on the engine as I should have. Although I’m already ahead of the game as far as the project is concerned anyway and I’ve made some good progress nether the less.

Last time I was talking about getting the Assimp library integrated and now it pretty much is, I loaded my first model into the engine and everything ran smoothly with no issues.

As far as the implementation is concerned the content manager recursively loads all the models within a file directory when the engine is started, it then extracts information related to the all the meshes in the file and unloads the data. it does not store any data related to vertices positions, normal, texture coordinates or whatever else. It just takes information relating to each mesh and where it is located in the model so that at a later stage when the asset is needed it will use this information to load the mesh into the cache. At the moment to some degree its still incomplete as I’m yet to maintain all the data obtained from the assimp importer and sustain the hierarchical structure in the model file which does lead to some issues with the more complicated formats. But that’ll come with time I still haven’t 100% planned how its going to work. Anyway I’m being a bit to vague to understand I’m sure.

This diagram will give you a kinda vague idea of whats going. It will become more clear overtime.



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