My new PS Vita!

So yes my ps vita did arrive the other day but I’ve been soo “busy” just playing around with the vita and getting used to the SDK that I just couldn’t find time to add to my blog. So anyway I’ve been playing the vita the past few days and I’ve got to say from a technical stand point it functions pretty well. The screen is crisp very good quality and well lit, The touchscreen is very responsive feels very similar to what you may expect from the iphones/ ipods and whatnot, The layout of the controls is good so basically from a hardware perspective I would say its pretty sound. And of course not to mention what its got under its bonnet the quad core arm processor and what not but I don’t really want to get into the technical nitty gritty.

Okay so there’s a few good points about the system so I may as-well mention some bad points. One thing although minor that I noticed is on the home screen the circular icons appear to be slightly jagged obviously due to a lack of Anti-Aliasing which to me ruins the finish. I’m not exactly sure why the didn’t implement some form of Anti-Aliasing on the Home screen, but maybe they felt it took a big performance hit to the device and deemed it unnecessary considering the performance loss. Who knows?… Sony obviously. But I bet it merely is for performance reasons maybe we’ll see it implemented on future firmware. But anyway it’s not really that bad you can’t judge a device on silly things like that, but it certainly would be a nice finish.

Naturally Just Cool Features Section (part 1, Part2 Tomorrow)

  • AR- Augmented Reality, Obviously not a new thing we’ve seen it before on the Nintendo 3ds and even on smart phones and tablets, and now here it is on the ps vita. With the console you get a set of AR cards for use with some games that have been provided free that can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store they are literally just a small selection of mini-games quite fun just a good little thing to see on the vita, I do still prefer the ones that come with the 3ds but nether the less its fun to mess around with.
  • PlayStation Store – Its really good to see Sony is on the band wagon and has a ready installed app on the vita so people can access the store and digitally buy ps vita games, psp games etc… However annoying contrary to what “Sony Said” (Don’t take my word for it its just what I herd)… the vita games are cheaper to purchase on Amazon to be honest, and i would rather have a hard copy anyway soo I don’t think I’ll buy anything off the store anytime soon…. Anyway good point I’d like to make about the store is the ascendancy of psp games, which is great and quite a few seem to have what I would consider reasonable price tags on them. Its just a dam shame though that if we want to play any of the games we bought for the psp back in the day on umd.. we will have to purchase them again if we want to play them on the vita.

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