Microsoft IllumiRoom

I’ve actually know about this for a while now but its only just recently I’ve been able to see the concept in action, I originally herd about t a while ago when it was reported that Microsoft had taken out a patent on this technology plus a few very interesting other concepts that I may get into another time

IllumiRoom is a very interesting concept it was designed to augment a room surrounding your television to try and improve gaming experience and add a level of immersion that we have never seen before. It allows the games as well as video to come out of your tv into the real world. IllumiRoom makes use of a kinnect system as well as a projector to produce some well… pretty amazing effects. The video below goes over the illumiRoom and all the different effects that can be created and how it interacts with the room around.

Although I really like the idea I can’t help but see the many issues that will arise with it, one of the first flaws that I see which was the same with the kinnect system is that i can see it relying a lot of space and personally I don’t think its something that I would have space for in my bedroom necessarily. Something else that worries me is this is the sort of thing that I can see really messing with my head, looking at some of the stuff in the video it seems kinda trippy.

Anyway its something totally worth checking out, I can definitely see this as something I would love to have sat in my living room.

You can find out more at Microsoft Research:

Sorry about the sloppy writing its quite late XD, have a good evening Good Night and thanks for reading. xoxox


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