Looking for Cool Ideas

Over the following weeks I’m probably going to have another bash at the PSM SDK at making some fun quick app’s, I was kinda just wondering whether anyone’s got any ideas of some stuff they would like to see on the vita and then maybe over the summer I’ll give it a shot. You can either contact me using the generic contact form on this page, or send me an email if you have my address or just post a comment below.


2 thoughts on “Looking for Cool Ideas”

  1. When will you be doing an update for PSVPad? Just wondering, it works perfectly for me using the Connectify Hotspot trick, but often the buttons lag to about 2 seconds max after pressed to an action being performed, and the joysticks contantly being stuck.

  2. Ever though about some cool cards games such as Texas Hold’em, solitaire , blackjack etc . Will be good as there is really not much card games develop for the PS Vita System only one that I know of which is tripeaks if I’m not mistaken .

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