I’m Back! – Been a while

If you noticed I haven’t really been around for a while I stopped updating the website and it was hacked and taken down and all that crap. But anyway I’m back and thought I’d let the world know whats been happening in my absence.

Initially I wasn’t updating my website because I was quite busy with work and other things and my life became quite hectic and I really didn’t have time to focus on my website.

Along with all this back in December last year I got very ill and because of that I’ve been in and out of hospital since, It started off as pain, then had surgery in January which led onto complications which had me re-hospitalized in February eventually I was let out with antibiotics but I still continued to deteriorate and was sent back to hospital in march when I spent 6 weeks before having major surgery on the 17th of April. I was Discharged from hospital 2 days ago and seem to be doing well.


Naturally having been ill so long I’ve fell quite far behind with uni work and everything I’ve been working on has gone to pot.

Just in case anyone’s interested as far as my engine is concerned I actually started work on a new Engine “Nightmare Engine” Back towards the beginning of this academic year the pure focus of the engine was simplicity more than anything. I was focusing primarily on making all the different modules of the engine independent with next to no coupling to keep the project simple. The irony being is potentially this engine although far simpler than my previous engine, is more powerful, there’s less coupling and is far easier to maintain and add new features. Obviously having being ill I haven’t really worked on in for a while but nether the less it has a nice set of functionality which I plan to improve upon over the next few years. I had planned to do a lot more by now but due to illness I have  been unable. At some point either on here or on its own separate website I’ll be putting up some information about my engine and maybe a few demo applications to check out.

So hopefully how I’m better I’m going to start writing some random but maybe quite interesting posts again and get back on the development front.

Thanks for reading.



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