Game Engine Design (Identification Of Libraries and Tools)

This is the first real look at the design in relation to the game engine I have been developing, I’m new to the scene in engine development so it’s quite easy for me to make mistakes and overlook certain aspects. I have very little to go with and I’m constantly researching and finding out more about Engine architecture and implementation. So if something I’m doing seems a bit stupid please feel free to point that out.

One of the first things I did when designing the engine was of course to select a suitable language to implement it in and produce a list of libraries and resource that I could use to aid in the development of the engine. Naturally I chose c++ as the implementation language of choice for the source code and have also considered lua, c# or javascript as possible languages I could use for the scripting language. Whether or not I will actually facilitate scripting in the engine via another language has not actually been decided yet, but there are several reasons why it may be useful but I’ll get onto this at another stage.

Here is a list of some of the libraries that I have identified so far that may be useful during the development, some of which have already been partially integrated into the project, This list is likely to expand as the development go’s on.


  • SDL(Simple DirectMedia Layer) – This is a library which can be used to handle windows management and Input as-well as several other handy things. Using this library could save me a lot of time as far as windows management and input is concerned and makes if far simpler and easier to set up a window ready for displaying 3d graphics. It also has the benefit of being compatible with both OpenGL and Direct X  and several Operating Systems. So it leaves a lot of options open. Although I will be focusing on windows development with OpenGL it might make it easier to port to different OS’s in the future if need be.
  •  OpenAL – I haven’t looked into this much yet but this is a audio library that works with opengl.
  • Newton Game Dynamics – A open source Physics Engine, Looks really good and some really impressive things have been made with it in the past. Physics engines are quite large and complicated so I didn’t deem it feasible to create my own from scratch, that’s a whole project in itself.
  • SDL_Config – A library I found that is used for loading data from configuration files, very handy and saves a bit of time.
  • Devil – A cross platform Image Library

Useful Tools:

  • Tortoise svn – eventually I will probably uploading my project to a svn just to make development a little bit easier to keep track of. I’ve worked with svn’s in the past and found them very useful.
  • Doxygen – A useful tool used for documentation, herd some good things but haven’t checked it out yet.
  • Visual Studio 2010 – My compiler of choice.



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