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PSVPAD – 1.2.1 ALPHA Update is here!?

Hello again,

Its definitely been a while since the last update so here you go…

for the newbies: 

This program allows you to use your vita as a game-pad for your PC. It requires both your vita and pc to be connected to the same network, I can confirm it will also work over adhoc connections if you prefer though not a necessity. Currently the software has only been tested on windows 7 but it should work on windows 8, and may work on earlier windows operating systems but is untested.


  • PlayStation Mobile Developer Licence (Currently Free)
  • PlayStation Mobile Studios (Also free)
  • The download on this page (And again free)
  • patience


Supported OS

  • Windows 7 + Windows 8/8.1

Whats included in the download?

  • PSVPAD (Playstation Mobile Solution)
  • PSVPAD Server Software (PSV_Server)
  • Virtual Joystick Driver
  • Instructions(mildly updated)
  • A profile for xpadder ready set up



  • Updated the Instructions
  • New user interface
  • Motion support
  • rear touch support
  • additional buttons added
  • ability to save connection settings added
  • Keyboard/ Mouse Binds added
  • added lots of new bugs
  • Still in development
  • Enjoy


does work over ad hoc connections. Tested and works on Windows 7 + Windows 8 may work on other windows operating systems but untested. Instructions are included with the download. Any bugs please report them.

>>Please note this software is still in development as the time of writing this and as such you may find parts of the software are either incomplete or excluded completely.

Software is provided as is, use at own risk


  • The version of PSVPAD included in zip has not been compiled to save space and ensure that the project is built before being deployed to the vita, as this in the past has been somewhat of an issue for many people.
  • It’s suggested you make sure when building the application the build mode is set to release rather than debug,(Make sure you don’t click debug with playstation vita simply)
  • Parts of the application are either disabled or still in development
  • The instructions are somewhat lacking at this point in development so you’ll have to figure some of it out yourself.



Please check the bottom here of this post for details about known issues.

Dev Notes, issues & Bugs etc… 1.2.1 ALPHA:

  • Key repeat delay currently only effects buttons on the PlayStation vita and not axis’s
  • Multiple control configurations currently unsupported
  • Rear touch limited to 2 touch down events
  • sound is currently excluded – no plans for future integration however.. has been successfully achieved with little overhead.
  • Help Incomplete on vita.
  • Auto connection functionality disabled
  • Rear touch doesn’t support multi-touch properly
  • Issues server kicking client because it thinks there already connected, solution either reconnect or restart, server/ psvita app
  • Known ‘bugs’ adding new connection…
    • If only one connection in list selecting it does not update the name and ip address in boxes – however will still connect if the user presses the connect button.
    • The default connection is not shown when the psvpad application first loads up -> note the default connection is considered to be the last connection you connected from.
  • Binding the mouse movement may result in stutters, It’s not a bug as such just the mouse smoothing has yet to be implemented but is on the list for future developments.
  • Potentially some keys on the on screen keyboard on the server software may not work as intended.
  • The bind list is yet to be implemented
  • Vita on screen keyboard incomplete

Know Issues / solutions:

  • Problems connecting to server?, restart server software
  • application may(probably) crash if you spam connect button when already connected
  • If it says your connected on both the vita and server but it doesn’t seem to be working at all, its quite possibly a firewall issue, you need to add the server software as an exception.
  • Black screen? -> you need to clean and rebuild the solution before deploying to the vita

Random errors? Any others let me know.

Windows 8 Error MSB4185 Fix
If you experience this error “Error MSB4185: The function “CurrentUICulture” on type “System.Globalization.CultureInfo” has not been enabled for execution.” 

  • First make sure Playstation suite is closed.
  • Open the console(cmd) as Administrator, Can be found by searching “cmd”
  • Relaunch Playstation Suite


But in all seriousness I should probably go over the current status of the software, what is include, whats still in development, and whats included but not as of yet functional.

SO What does this update ADD?

>>Keyboard & Mouse Binding<<

Added the ability to be able to bind controls/ input on the playstation vita to keyboard and mouse events. I would say its about 90% functional, there is still a few issues/ drawbacks with it, but it however does provide a reasonable alternative to third party software if this is the functionality you require. It’s sadly based off UK keyboard layout, but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue hopefully -_-.

Anyway carrying on so what inputs can you bind…so far anyway?

1. You can bind all the basic keys on the vitaPSVPAD1



2. You can optionally bind to the rear touch panel, there’s currently only 2 buttons which is basically left touch, right touch, in the future it’ll hopefully be taken to having swipe events as-well.. its in the works. Or you can code it yourself using the given enumeration, I don’t think it’s disabled on the server side, i’d have to check that one…




3. You can even bind to the vitas motion sensors, if you can work that out… and find a valid use for it. Its certainly possible to use and has been tested against Next Car Game and Dirt3… I’m not going to explain how to set it up, I shall leave it to people to play… If you do want to use the vitas motion, you’ll need to ensure that the gyro is enabled on the vita app, as-well as enabling the axis’s in the configuration on the server,  they’re disabled by default, …well all hell would break lose if they weren’t because there basically always active…  But I would suggest TAKE CAUTION… just to point out but, they also emulate 3 separate joy axis’s.. I’d just keep them disabled unless you plan on using them.




4. And finally you can bind the set of additional on screen buttons provided by the vita app…


5. I must also point out its entirely possible to set up all these binds in xpadder if you prefer… I included a profile for anyone that does own xpadder and would prefer to use that, all binds are ready set up… accept for the gyro binds.. which I would suggest you set the axis manually in xpadder if you do… As a NOTE: I use the latest version of Xpadder taken from the developers website, you may find that older versions don’t work quite as expected.


>>Additional On Screen Buttons<<

Finding the vita didn’t have enough buttons? well this might just help, it adds an additional 14 buttons to the vita which act as joy buttons and can be bound just like any other button on the controller… I must remind people I posted this as an alpha release so anyway a minor issue went unnoticed with the additional buttons which I will try to resolve with the next update… The problem being that if you press a button then move your finger horizontally across the screen in either direction it’ll result in the button staying pressed as such… well as far as the servers concerned… this doesn’t happen when you move your finger vertically… I couldn’t tell you why exactly.. but yes it is one to look out for.



>>A Keyboard?<<

yes one of the latest additions is in fact a pop up keyboard, which in fact acts just the same as a normal keyboard in windows… accept somewhat lacking. The keyboard is still to be completed and provides just the basics for now.




Finally a way to save you connection, once you’ve added a connection it’ll be saved simple, then in the future it’s just a matter of selecting the connection in the drop down box and clicking connect next time you use it… though if you IP changes for whatever reason it may mean you have to enter the details again sorry.. Auto connect is disabled for now.  Considering setting up the auto connect so you never have to enter an IP at all, but if multiple versions of the software are running on the same network… you might just run into issues… we shall see.





Although mentioned previously if anyone bothered to read all this, Functionality has been added so you can use the vitas motion sensors.



Currently limited to a left touch and right touch, the plan is to add additional functionality for swipe events in the future…


That’s it for now… tired of typing…


Hello again,

Sorry everyone for the delay, Its been very hectic recently to say the least and the update hasn’t exactly been one of my highest priority’s and it pretty much got thrown to the side for a while.

However no worries I’ve started working on it again and It’s very close to being ready for a release, sadly I could not get the sound functionality working as I wished so it will be left out of the next update, but once everything else is done I’ll have another go at it and see if it can be added in the future.

I can’t give an exact date for when the update will be released but It’ll be before the end of the year, I was hoping to have it out in the next week or so but I’ll see how it go’s and I’ll try to keep people posted.

In response to a few people in regards to compatibility issues -> currently the PSVPAD server uses a third party library to interact with a virtual driver in order to emulate a joystick in windows, whilst I continue to use this third party software to emulate the joystick its essentially out of my hands. There are no plans as of yet to change how the joystick is emulated in windows but it is under consideration. In an ideal world I would write a custom driver and be done with it!, Suggestions of how the software can be improved are always welcomed so please feel free to contact me either via the contact me form on this website or via my email address


What to take away from this post:

  • Update Before the end of year
  • Sadly no sound support ):
  • Suggestions for improvement always welcomed



Update PSV PAD 1.2

This program allows you to use your vita as a game-pad for your PC. It requires both your vita to be connected to the same network, does work over ad hoc connections. Tested and works on Windows 7 + Windows 8 may work on other windows operating systems but untested. Instructions are included with the download. Any bugs please report them. 

Note: Requires PlayStation Mobile Developer Licence

Whats in the download

  • Server Application
  • Xpadder Profile + Image (Xpadder Not Included)
  • Playstation Mobile Solution (PSVPAD Application)
  • Instructions + Change-log




  • Updated the Instructions
  • Changes to how data is sent over network
  • Reduced Lag
  • A lot lot lot lot faster
  • Enjoy

Clean And Rebuild The Solution Before Deploying to Vita Hotkey: Ctrl + F8

Note: PSVPAD win8  Tested works on both windows 7 & windows 8

Update 1.2.1 Alpha Release See Page: PSVPAD_1.2.1_Alpha 

Windows 7+ Windows 8 : PSVPAD_1.2_Win8

Problems with net framwork 3.5 : PSVPAD_1.2

Black Screen Fix:
If your having problems with a black screen make sure you clean and rebuild the PSVPAD application before deploying it to your vita Ctrl +F8.

One Pixel fix for 1.5.1 worth a shot if all else fails: PSVPAD-959X543

Windows 8 Error MSB4185 Fix
If you experience this error “Error MSB4185: The function “CurrentUICulture” on type “System.Globalization.CultureInfo” has not been enabled for execution.” 

  • First make sure Playstation suite is closed.
  • Open the console(cmd) as Administrator, Can be found by searching “cmd”
  • Relaunch Playstation Suite



PSVPAD UPDATE – V1.15 beta PSM SDK v1.11.01

Just Updated the PSV PAD… Enjoy. I re-uploaded the zip you should actually be able to extract the files now.

PSVPAD Description – Allows you to use your Playstation Vita as a Game Pad for your PC, It is possible to set up an ad-hoc connection on your computer and connect directly…Instructions may follow.


PSVPAD 1.2 Update

PSVPAD 1.151 beta – PSM v1.11.01 Download

  • Bug Fixes 

PSVPAD 1.15 beta – PSM v1.11.01 Download 

  • Windows 8 Support
  • Fixed app.xml missing error
  • Minor changes

PSV PAD Update

So every now and then I get emails from people regarding the application for the vita I developed a while back so I though I would official address the issue.

When I developed the application the PSM was in beta and you could install applications of the vita without having to buy a licence now that is no longer the case. Not long ago I tested the application using the build in emulator in PSM and it seemed to work fine. I am unable to test the application on the vita because I don’t have a licence myself and have no interest in purchasing one at this moment in time. Without a developer licence I’m afraid you can’t install anything on the vita.

Slender Source

The other day I caught glimpse of a new source mod  on face book, which from the screen shots posted seemed quite cool. The game as I understand it is based around the internet meme slender man. From what I’ve seen so far it looks pretty scary and messed up and pretty much exactly the sort of stuff that I’m into personally. I found it on ModDB and I totally recommend checking it out.

especially if your into messed up stuff like me or maybe your a fan of games like the ever popular ones based on the SCP foundation fiction stories. And I guess if you haven’t herd of The SCP foundation and enjoy messed up things you should probably check that out as-well.  The wiki is here there’s a lot of really good stories, you’ll have to find the games yourself there’s been a few, I’m sure a Google search will land you on a download page. They are all free to play as far as I’m aware so.. yeh.

I have high hopes for slender source it seems to have a reasonable amount of people involved with the mod so I suspect it’ll be pretty awesome when its done.

Blog Update :D

So just in case anyone’s wondering what I’m up to and why I haven’t posted anything in a while, well basically I’ve been just having some time off from everything I’ve spent most of my time recently indoors programming and doing other such things that I just needed some time off to literally just chill for a bit… you could basically say this is pretty much my holiday for the year.

The other thing is that I’ve got to spend a little bit of time here and there is trying to sort out my portfolio and get that underway. Trying to come up with a mixture of small projects that I can put in there as-well as some of the previous stuff that I have worked on, which should hopefully show my talents in a mixture of areas, programming languages and tools. Eventually I will putting up my portfolio on this site in its own little area.

On a development note, Some people have actually came up with some really interesting apps that would be quite cool to have on the vita, so over the coming weeks I may have a look into them.

On a business note while I’ve been out and about on my “Holiday” you might say :/ I’ve met a few people some of which have reasonably talented Artists, Basically I asked someone whether they could create a logo for me and gave them very little to go on… an interesting business strategy I know :D, I’m kinda interested what they’re going to produce… so err I’ll guess I’ll see how that goes… The only real insight I gave is that ideally it wants to be a bit different maybe messed up. Something Unorthodox really.

Looking for Cool Ideas

Over the following weeks I’m probably going to have another bash at the PSM SDK at making some fun quick app’s, I was kinda just wondering whether anyone’s got any ideas of some stuff they would like to see on the vita and then maybe over the summer I’ll give it a shot. You can either contact me using the generic contact form on this page, or send me an email if you have my address or just post a comment below.

Busy Weekend

I did say to a few individuals that I would be posting an update for the ps vita app that I made… but I’m sorry to say I have be unable to find the time busy weekend…went to a wedding and stuff… And I suspect this following week will be fairly busy for me to. I will try to make an update available soonish, for now I hope you’ll able to resolve any problems your having by yourself without the need of the update, otherwise I’m very sorry. If you find any issues let me know and I’ll try to work it into the update.


Over the past week or so there’s been a lot of hype round a new game console that’s shown its face on Kick Starter, OUYA , The console creators where trying to raise a figure of $950,000 in order to fund the project, little over a week later they’ve raised over $5,135,733 which is absolutely astounding.

The console itself has reasonable specs is android based and its completely open for software engineers and developers to have there dirty way with it. Producing whatever hardware and software modifications to it without causing an uproar from the vendors like you might see if you went and started messing around with Microsoft or Sony’s consoles which is a strict no no. Its really going to make console development available to the masses and really help fuel the independent game developers. I can even see it helping in education, normally if you wanted to develop a game for a console and to have a good amount of control over the hardware you would have to buy a development kit from the vendor which usually cost thousands and just aren’t feasible for small time developers. The OUYA however every console will be a dev kit in itself having to pay no more than the price of the console to get hold of it, which is really good for people wanting to develop for consoles who otherwise would have been unable to do so.

Right so moving onto the price, It’s actually relatively cheap…And the specs aren’t necessarily bad for the price. At the moment if you want to be on the first on the list to get one of these consoles before it hits retail you need to pledge a mere $99 towards their cause and its yours, however if your in the UK like me they want you to donate an extra $20 dollars for shipping and what not which is fair enough. I’m yet to get myself one but I probably will be later this week if there not all gone. If your interested I suggest heading over to kick starter and checking it out. It will also give you some more information about the console and there’s a video on the page which I recommend watching as-well.