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Sorry everyone I find it hard to update my blog regularly at the moment, I have a very busy schedule between uni work, social life and my own personal programming so I find i hard to do much else. Not to mention the time I spend travelling (6 hours to uni and back every day I go in).


Unis going well got some good grades so far this year hope by the end to have a good classification, very interesting lecture yesterday an X-game designer came in to do a presentation was very informative. Continuing to work on my dissertation and project “Lightweight Game Engine Developed in C++” see nightmare engine blog, hopefully by the end of this month Box2d will be integrated… just finding it hard to find time to get it done at the moment.

Minor update to PSVPAD, yes there was a minor update to PSVPAD, completely changed how the program operates, still very simple application in itself and the codes not totally satisfactory but gets the job done. Managed to play some games very efficiently with a weak connection getting no lag so if you guys can get that to work then happy days its far better than previous versions. It was always planned to be a dedicated remote controller however. I have been discussing with some close friends the possibility that I might add option remote desktop/ play support which is a consideration at the moment. I will definitely clean the code up at some point so expect another update soon.

Thats all for now

have a good day


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