Blog Update :D

So just in case anyone’s wondering what I’m up to and why I haven’t posted anything in a while, well basically I’ve been just having some time off from everything I’ve spent most of my time recently indoors programming and doing other such things that I just needed some time off to literally just chill for a bit… you could basically say this is pretty much my holiday for the year.

The other thing is that I’ve got to spend a little bit of time here and there is trying to sort out my portfolio and get that underway. Trying to come up with a mixture of small projects that I can put in there as-well as some of the previous stuff that I have worked on, which should hopefully show my talents in a mixture of areas, programming languages and tools. Eventually I will putting up my portfolio on this site in its own little area.

On a development note, Some people have actually came up with some really interesting apps that would be quite cool to have on the vita, so over the coming weeks I may have a look into them.

On a business note while I’ve been out and about on my “Holiday” you might say :/ I’ve met a few people some of which have reasonably talented Artists, Basically I asked someone whether they could create a logo for me and gave them very little to go on… an interesting business strategy I know :D, I’m kinda interested what they’re going to produce… so err I’ll guess I’ll see how that goes… The only real insight I gave is that ideally it wants to be a bit different maybe messed up. Something Unorthodox really.


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