Been Busy(Uni Work) – / Next year project.

Just in case anyone out there is interested why I haven’t posted anything in a while, the answer is quite simply uni work… it’s coming up to the end of term and we’ve got quite a lot of work to do so I just quite simply haven’t had chance to update my blog but I will get back to regular entries as soon as my uni work is complete.

Throughout the summer there will probably be regular updates that are going to be more development related as I will be working on my project in preparation for next year. If you don’t already know I’ve been planning to create my own lightweight game engine for my project which I have in fact already started work on, so throughout development I will be producing a lot of documentation in respect to the design and planning as-well as the implementation, and I would very much like to document my progress on this site as- well so anyone that’s interested in my work will be able to check it out, whether it be my friends or my lecturers so they can make sure I’m still on track.

I’ve already spent a lot of time just planning this engine and basically just sitting and thinking exactly what I want to do, creating an engine isn’t necessarily the easiest thing in the world but I am planning on making use of a good selection of libraries and to cut a few corners to speed up development. Already a lot of questions have come up related to the design where I’m going to have to make a decision. One of the first crucial decisions in my mind is the actual engines focus, what sort of games do I want to build on this engine?, will they be 3d, 2d, 2.5d?. Do I want to take an abstract approach here, do I want to cut a corner there. How can I make sure it’s well optimized?. I’ve actually done a serious amount of research and I’ve actually looked very deeply into these question even If they may seem like simple decisions at first glance, the reality is they really do steer the engine towards what the final outcome is going to be. I guess my biggest fear though is that I spend a great deal of time working on this engine and through a few minor bad design decisions it leads to the engine becoming painfully slow and un-optimized and very messy and turning into a catastrophic nightmare. I’ll be honest I’ve made a lot of bad decisions in the past when it comes to software development and I’ve really had to pay for them and I really don’t want that to happen again.  Term ends for me on Friday when all my work is handed in so I will be able to get back to posting then.


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