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PSVPAD UPDATE – V1.15 beta PSM SDK v1.11.01

Just Updated the PSV PAD… Enjoy. I re-uploaded the zip you should actually be able to extract the files now.

PSVPAD Description – Allows you to use your Playstation Vita as a Game Pad for your PC, It is possible to set up an ad-hoc connection on your computer and connect directly…Instructions may follow.


PSVPAD 1.2 Update

PSVPAD 1.151 beta – PSM v1.11.01 Download

  • Bug Fixes 

PSVPAD 1.15 beta – PSM v1.11.01 Download 

  • Windows 8 Support
  • Fixed app.xml missing error
  • Minor changes

Microsoft IllumiRoom

I’ve actually know about this for a while now but its only just recently I’ve been able to see the concept in action, I originally herd about t a while ago when it was reported that Microsoft had taken out a patent on this technology plus a few very interesting other concepts that I may get into another time

IllumiRoom is a very interesting concept it was designed to augment a room surrounding your television to try and improve gaming experience and add a level of immersion that we have never seen before. It allows the games as well as video to come out of your tv into the real world. IllumiRoom makes use of a kinnect system as well as a projector to produce some well… pretty amazing effects. The video below goes over the illumiRoom and all the different effects that can be created and how it interacts with the room around.

Although I really like the idea I can’t help but see the many issues that will arise with it, one of the first flaws that I see which was the same with the kinnect system is that i can see it relying a lot of space and personally I don’t think its something that I would have space for in my bedroom necessarily. Something else that worries me is this is the sort of thing that I can see really messing with my head, looking at some of the stuff in the video it seems kinda trippy.

Anyway its something totally worth checking out, I can definitely see this as something I would love to have sat in my living room.

You can find out more at Microsoft Research:

Sorry about the sloppy writing its quite late XD, have a good evening Good Night and thanks for reading. xoxox

Short Story – Joke

Not to be taken seriously…

Darkest Days by Allan Moore

Constantly drifting in and out of consciousness Moss surly knew this would be the end, with every ounce of strength in his body he reached his arm up to clutch the pendent around his neck from his once beloved. His mind wandering, he though back to when he had received the pendant, it was there first wedding anniversary, they had spent the whole day together wandering around Oxford, followed by a quiet evening with some horrible cooking he made him self, the food may have been bad but the company of his beloved was priceless. He knew she didn’t have much money he provided for the both of them, he also knew how much that pendent meant to her, she was given it when she was only a young girl by her father after her mum died, it was suppose to keep her safe… He managed to open his eyes once again, he took a quick look around the room before attempting to pull himself to his feet. After doing so he took one step forward before feeling a warm slimy sensation underneath his left foot, it was too dark in the room to see what is was, but he could only assume it was the remains of some of the other poor souls that had once found themselves trapped in this room as he was now. He knew if he didn’t want to face the same fate they had he needed to find away out of here. He moved to the front of the room, faced with a large iron door, he quickly felt around to see if there was any way to open the door with no avail. The door had no handle no lock or anything. Peering through one of the cracks in the door he could make out an iron deadbolt on the opposite side that was securely holding the door shut. Stepping back he remembered he still had a box of matches in his pocket, he took them out and as he removed a match from the box his hopes quickly faded as he realized they were now socked in his own blood, He tried to light the match but after a sudden burst of light it quickly went out, there was no way these matches were any use any-more. He peered around the room to see if there was anything useful, on the ground he could see the cold wet mattress he had just pulled him self off of. Behind it was some of the various torture devices they used on him, large absurdly shaped iron bars with wooden handles. To the left he could make out only what he assumed to be a pile of bones and rags, he moved over to them wondering if there could be anything useful hidden amongst the remains. Whilst doing so he noticed just underneath where the mattress lay there was a broken drain grate, once he was fairly confident there was nothing in the remains, he pulled the mattress off of the drain and lifted the broken drain gate off and threw it to the side. The smell coming from the drain was unbearable, and the hole it left was barely big enough for him to get through. He looked down the hole but couldn’t make out anything below it was too dark, figuring he had better chances down there than up here he grabbed one of the rags off the floor wrapped it around his nose and lowered him self down the hole. There was a slight drop and he then found himself knee deep in all the fowl fluids that had came from the rooms above, scattered above the surface was broken bone shards, rags and a thick layer of pure sewage. As bad as the situation was he still thought to himself this is nowhere near as bad as that time I fell down the stairs and found myself dangling from the handrail with my half erect penis out. What a sorry set of affairs.

Please don’t let me know what you think XD.

PSV PAD Update

So every now and then I get emails from people regarding the application for the vita I developed a while back so I though I would official address the issue.

When I developed the application the PSM was in beta and you could install applications of the vita without having to buy a licence now that is no longer the case. Not long ago I tested the application using the build in emulator in PSM and it seemed to work fine. I am unable to test the application on the vita because I don’t have a licence myself and have no interest in purchasing one at this moment in time. Without a developer licence I’m afraid you can’t install anything on the vita.

I’m Back! – Been a while

If you noticed I haven’t really been around for a while I stopped updating the website and it was hacked and taken down and all that crap. But anyway I’m back and thought I’d let the world know whats been happening in my absence.

Initially I wasn’t updating my website because I was quite busy with work and other things and my life became quite hectic and I really didn’t have time to focus on my website.

Along with all this back in December last year I got very ill and because of that I’ve been in and out of hospital since, It started off as pain, then had surgery in January which led onto complications which had me re-hospitalized in February eventually I was let out with antibiotics but I still continued to deteriorate and was sent back to hospital in march when I spent 6 weeks before having major surgery on the 17th of April. I was Discharged from hospital 2 days ago and seem to be doing well.


Naturally having been ill so long I’ve fell quite far behind with uni work and everything I’ve been working on has gone to pot.

Just in case anyone’s interested as far as my engine is concerned I actually started work on a new Engine “Nightmare Engine” Back towards the beginning of this academic year the pure focus of the engine was simplicity more than anything. I was focusing primarily on making all the different modules of the engine independent with next to no coupling to keep the project simple. The irony being is potentially this engine although far simpler than my previous engine, is more powerful, there’s less coupling and is far easier to maintain and add new features. Obviously having being ill I haven’t really worked on in for a while but nether the less it has a nice set of functionality which I plan to improve upon over the next few years. I had planned to do a lot more by now but due to illness I have  been unable. At some point either on here or on its own separate website I’ll be putting up some information about my engine and maybe a few demo applications to check out.

So hopefully how I’m better I’m going to start writing some random but maybe quite interesting posts again and get back on the development front.

Thanks for reading.


Slender Source

The other day I caught glimpse of a new source mod  on face book, which from the screen shots posted seemed quite cool. The game as I understand it is based around the internet meme slender man. From what I’ve seen so far it looks pretty scary and messed up and pretty much exactly the sort of stuff that I’m into personally. I found it on ModDB and I totally recommend checking it out.

especially if your into messed up stuff like me or maybe your a fan of games like the ever popular ones based on the SCP foundation fiction stories. And I guess if you haven’t herd of The SCP foundation and enjoy messed up things you should probably check that out as-well.  The wiki is here there’s a lot of really good stories, you’ll have to find the games yourself there’s been a few, I’m sure a Google search will land you on a download page. They are all free to play as far as I’m aware so.. yeh.

I have high hopes for slender source it seems to have a reasonable amount of people involved with the mod so I suspect it’ll be pretty awesome when its done.

Blog Update :D

So just in case anyone’s wondering what I’m up to and why I haven’t posted anything in a while, well basically I’ve been just having some time off from everything I’ve spent most of my time recently indoors programming and doing other such things that I just needed some time off to literally just chill for a bit… you could basically say this is pretty much my holiday for the year.

The other thing is that I’ve got to spend a little bit of time here and there is trying to sort out my portfolio and get that underway. Trying to come up with a mixture of small projects that I can put in there as-well as some of the previous stuff that I have worked on, which should hopefully show my talents in a mixture of areas, programming languages and tools. Eventually I will putting up my portfolio on this site in its own little area.

On a development note, Some people have actually came up with some really interesting apps that would be quite cool to have on the vita, so over the coming weeks I may have a look into them.

On a business note while I’ve been out and about on my “Holiday” you might say :/ I’ve met a few people some of which have reasonably talented Artists, Basically I asked someone whether they could create a logo for me and gave them very little to go on… an interesting business strategy I know :D, I’m kinda interested what they’re going to produce… so err I’ll guess I’ll see how that goes… The only real insight I gave is that ideally it wants to be a bit different maybe messed up. Something Unorthodox really.

Looking for Cool Ideas

Over the following weeks I’m probably going to have another bash at the PSM SDK at making some fun quick app’s, I was kinda just wondering whether anyone’s got any ideas of some stuff they would like to see on the vita and then maybe over the summer I’ll give it a shot. You can either contact me using the generic contact form on this page, or send me an email if you have my address or just post a comment below.

Busy Weekend

I did say to a few individuals that I would be posting an update for the ps vita app that I made… but I’m sorry to say I have be unable to find the time busy weekend…went to a wedding and stuff… And I suspect this following week will be fairly busy for me to. I will try to make an update available soonish, for now I hope you’ll able to resolve any problems your having by yourself without the need of the update, otherwise I’m very sorry. If you find any issues let me know and I’ll try to work it into the update.