A general bloggy update!


This is my blog, its a general blog and generally I like to occasional (practically never) do some very general generalized bloggy stuff… generally.

I also like to chat nonsense…

So anyway my names allan. AJ whatever and this is my blog, Every now and again I come along and do a little update to tell people what I’m doing, what the updates are… and probably some excuse to why I’m failing miserably at life.

Excuse 1

I’m honestly terrible at writing I know, I blame a head injury I had in 2009. My English skills were never that great to begin with but following this head injury I’ve experienced many long term cognitive issues some which I seem to only be recovering from now. One of the more interesting problems I developed was my ability to string together sentences and in the correct order oddly enough and this came more from me speaking than writing. Initially I had great trouble getting my sentences together, its gradually got better over the years, but I’m still having problems saying things that are correct.

Excuse 2

So you may have noticed over the past years my updates have been pretty spread out, even with long periods where I’ve completely vanished off the face of the earth… oh and thous times where my website has been hacked and mobile versions have directed to some erm… well rather questionable websites… I was naturally not amused. So anyway as I had noted in some previous posts I was having some health issues a while back which left me making trips back and forth to the hospital with a surgery here and there.. so right continuing on from that 3 weeks ago today I had what will be my third surgery within the past 2 years… it was along the lines of an ileocolic ressection and it was thoroughly enjoyable… The general excuse here is my lifes been pretty intermittent and somewhat of a mess due to these unforeseen circumstances… Pretty much around the end of last year everything pretty much went on hold until well this was out of the way.

WARNING Gruesome picture(Surgical Wound) for thous who like gruesome pictures?


This is a picture following surgery at the Oxford Churchill hospital on the 28th Januray 2015




So whats happening with PSVPAD… 

Right at the moment I’ve put PSVPAD to the side again.. it will get an update again at some point its obviously not finished, its partially a demand thing I no longer have great interest working on the project anymore and I’m honestly working on bigger and better things that are more interest to me… Don’t get me wrong it will get another update, but not immediately.. unless people are begging for it. There’s obviously a lot of improvement to be had, hey and maybe even sounds still an option… It was always an additional though. Its a real shame considering the sheer amount of hours I put into learning about audio programming, audio formats and tinkering around to get it working on the vita.

Blog Stuff 

Generally I’m going to try and update my blog a bit more and put some more interesting things on here… There’s also a lot of posts that have been written but were never published some of them are quite general and I just decided they weren’t worth publishing for whatever reason.. so I’m going to have a look back at that… I was once upon a time also developing a portfolio to go up here, maybe when I’ve actually got some reasonable content for it it’ll go live. I’ve also never had chance to use these code comment tags on here so I’ll do that now.

Your First C++ Tutorial – HELLO WORLD

/* Hello World */

int main(){
	//!< Outputs Hello World to the console 
	std::cout<<"Hello World"<

Right that seems to work okay, code highlighting and everything... I digress I think I'll leave this blog entry here for now.

Thanks for stopping by, I'll try to write something a bit less bloggy next time and a bit more programmy. Bye for now?




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  1. Hi, just happened to get into your blog while searching for more info about psvpad.
    Sorry to heard about your injury. Don’t know what to say. Cheer up!
    And please don’t hesitate to sell your app once ready. I look forward for it.

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