Hi there,

Welcome to the home of Unorthodox Game Studios, this website has undergone several changes recently after finding itself in a state of disrepair… In order to make the general administration of the website easier and to get it back on its feet I’ve opted to exclusively using word press for all my web solutions “YAY”. Doing this allows me to focus more on providing concise clear information throughout the website as-well as meaning I can focus on more game development orientated tasks whilst having the peace of mind I have a functioning website to turn to when I need it.

Currently I am working solely as an individual working very hard in order to get my first title released and make any income I can on the side as I continue to work on games.  I barely know anyone with any real knowledge or experience when it comes to software development… I’m always looking for new friends feel free to contact me.

Although I haven’t updated my blog/ website in a while things have gone on throughout 2015 I kinda isolated myself moving away from using social media I’ve just been experimenting with a lot of things producing some god awful prototypes and even a god awful game Coffee life as part of a 7 day game jam back in april… I’ve spent great deals of time researching, programming little things for friends, working in blender producing grade A pixel art and generally improving my all round skills. More recently among other things I started renting a shared hosting Garry’s Mod server primarily because I just like the game and playing with others and building complicated things or at least trying to, since then I also started renting a dedicated server just to allow myself a bit more freedom, to host a greater number of games, and possibly in the future for running some custom server software for whatever project I feel. I am a big fan of linux as-well I find it really exciting setting up a nice little session in tmux to administrate my server… Yes exciting and installing screen fetch just because… I read a lot of people raving about pair programming with tmux and I must say I think you guys programming in a terminal are crazy XD, I’m not quite ready to give up my lovely IDE.

If you want to contact me about anything I’m working on, or about moderation admin positions on my game servers or really about just about anything else please use the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible, Please remember to leave a valid/ correct email address or I will not be able to get back to you.


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